Saturday, February 12, 2011

Successful shopping spree!

Well, that was just what the doctor ordered. Nothing like a little retail splurge to cure all that ails you! I went up to San Francisco today to a few of my favorite fabric stores. I had two goals: purchase as much trim as I could carry to use on Cobblestone Park stuff, and to buy fabulous prints to carry on Bamblue Fabrics. I succeeded on both counts.

Here is what I purchased for Cobblestone Park:

The orange ruffly gingham on the top is elastic - I am embarassed to tell you how excited I was to find that. If someone else had been holding it, I would have snatched it out of their hands and run. And it was only....what, 80 cents a yard or something like that? Oh, that just made my day. I love my red gingham eyelet trim, too. Actually, not all of this will be used for Cobblestone Park. That black on the bottom is an absolutely TDF sweater knit that is incredibly soft and a little bit lacey. If I can ever find a sweater coat pattern I like (any suggestions?) that is what it will become. Maybe I'll just use my trusted Mamu Lena pattern, but I already have a couple - how many of these can one person have? And in going to the Mamu site to grab the link, I see that she has some new patterns out. Oh dear. I'm in trouble.

And this is what I got for Bamblue:

Finally, some prints to add to the store! A few of them, I was only able to grab a yard or two, and I was very, very tempted to keep them. But oddly enough, I'm finding it very hard to find time to sew for ME these days! Go figure! I also got a few great new cotton lycra colors and some stripes. All were priced at rather, ahem, bargain basement type prices, so I'm passing along the savings. How nice of me!

I took my daughter with me, and you should have seen her racing along the fabric aisles and pulling out fabric to oooh and ahhh over. "Fabric gets me all riled up, mom!" I know the feeling, sweetheart.

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