Thursday, February 24, 2011

Oh, Vida, how I love you

The Farbenmix Vida is my absolute favorite little girl's dress. This is somewhat surprising, as I'm normally not a "sew with wovens" type of gal. But the Vida! Oh, it's just perfect. No zippers for one thing - that's pretty key. But it's just so versatile! There aren't a ton of woven dress patterns that lend themselves well to embroidery, but this one was made for it. And you can tuck interesting things into all those seams, like ruffles, ribbon, or Jolitags.

This particular dress came to be as a result of a pair of pants. An online seamstress friend of mine (you folks on Sewing Mamas will know her as hershyyyy)  made some absolutely divine little boy pants not too long ago. For some reason, I just don't do pants. I mean, I do them, but I don't love it. Hers, I loved. I asked if she wouldn't mind making a pair for Skoober, and she said, "Sure! Let's swap! How about a Vida?"

So here is the Vida. This one is actually for Cobblestone Park, but I'm making her little girl an identical dress.

Pattern: Farbenmix Vida