Monday, February 21, 2011

Could I be more in love with a fabric?

No, I think not.

I placed an order with Holland Fabric House for this fabric the week before Christmas. I waited and waited and waited, none too patiently, for it to arrive. And then I waited some more. Finally, sometime in mid-January, I sent a note to Noor, who I presume is the owner of the shop. She was extremely curteous and prompt, and promised to look into it right away.

To make a long story short, I didn't get the fabric until February. Apparently, the US postal system was holding my package hostage. Once they determined my fabric and polka dot bias trim were not a threat to the US, they allowed it to be delivered. Heavy sigh.

But the contents of my package more than made up for the looooong wait. I was over the moon! I wish I had bought more! I will be placing another order with Holland Fabric House very soon (it better be soon, as who knows how long I'll have to wait next time!). And I do want to say how much I appreciate Noor's customer service. She and her store are just terrific.

Anyway, enough of that. Let's get to the pictures! My daughter's very best friend in the world had her 6th birthday party today. Of course I had to use some of my new fabric to make a gorgeous dress for the birthday girl. I did two of these: one for the girl of honor and one in the opposite colorways for my daughter. I also used my new favorite thing in the world, the Jolitag, on each of them. I mean, seriously, how could I make something without embroidery on it somewhere? Impossible!

This one is the birthday girl's (with my newly bespectacled daughter modeling):

And this one is my daughter's:

Pattern: Portobello Pixies Analise
Embroidery: Jolitags from Huups

Sorry for all the pictures, but really, I cannot get enough of these colors! Sadly, I don't have enough of this fabric to make one for Cobblestone Park.

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