Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sewing for me! Yay!

I made a very liberating decision the other day. I am not going to be sewing for Cobblestone Park anymore. Given that I have had exactly four sales in more than that many months, I think that's a pretty sound business decision! It's disappointing, of course, but it certainly takes a lot of pressure off me. Now I can get back to sewing for me! That has been a huge temptation lately, due to all the yummy fabric that surrounds my daily life. And last week, I made another pilgrimmage up to San Francisco and stocked up on more lovely mama knits (some of which you can see on the bar to the right.)  I cannot possibly restrain myself anymore - mama needs some new clothes!

Anyway, on to what I made for myself. Here's the first:

I love this pattern. So many variations, and I've tried most of them and all have been terrific. This fabric is really lovely too - so soft and buttery. I just love rayon!

Another recent rayon creation is this:

I have made this pattern before, and the result has become one of my favorite dresses of all time. I'll try to dig up a picture in a minute, but I love this one too. The fabric is rayon jersey which I did sell on Bamblue Fabrics until a customer took my entire supply. Thank heavens I cut off a couple yards for myself first! This pattern is a little more fussy than other knit dress patterns I've used, but I think the end result is worth all that pleating nonsense.

Here is the other version I made of this dress last summer. This fabric is an ITY jersey.

Cutting myself free of Cobblestone Park sewing has also allowed me to do some very necessary and overdue sewing for the kids. Like pajamas. I made 4-5 pairs of pj's in the last week, as well as some underwear for my husband (modified from the Jalie pattern - he thinks it is SO cool that he can request specific tailoring for his boxer briefs). I don't have pictures of those, but I do have one of a recent dress I made for my daughter:

Embroidery: Urban Threads
Pattern: Morphed from a couple different patterns

I don't know how I feel about this one. I kind of wish I had made it shorter, for one thing. Overall, I guess it's ok, and Jackie likes it, which is important. But whenever I make something understated like this (well, understated for ME), I always feel a little disatisfied, like there must be something else I could add to it!

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