Sunday, May 1, 2011

Penny & Puppy

Always on the lookout for an easy peasy knit dress pattern, I picked up ModKids Penny awhile back. I decided to do something really simple - just two solid colors and one embroidery. This kind of thing is usually not my style, and I have to admit that as I was sewing it, I couldn't help but try to find other ways to embellish it, but I restrained myself.

The end result is ok. I used some of my bamboo jersey, so it is incredibly soft and dreamy feeling. The fit is a little off, I think, which is why I'm not offering a custom of this on Cobblestone Park. But my daughter loves it, so that's good enough for me.

Pattern: Modkids Penny
Embroidery: Kunterbunt
Fabric bamboo jersey from Bamblue Fabrics

Having an older brother means that Skoober gets a lot of hand me down clothing. I pulled out some of those clothes the other day, and I sighed. It has been five years since those t-shirts have been worn, but I was tired of them then, and I'm tired of them now. Which means Skoober is getting some new shirts, whether he needs them or not!

This shirt, from an Ottobre pattern, came together so fast, as the embroidery is super simple. I had carefully ironed it in preparation for a photo shoot, but when I showed it to Skoober, he immediately crumpled it up in a ball and hugged it to his chest. "MY DOGGY SHIRT!!!" Well, at least he likes it!

Pattern: Ottobre 2/05
Embroidery: Tinimi

Now I have to figure out what to make next, and I'm just stumped. I went out into the garage this morning and stared at my fabric for 20 minutes trying to get some inspiration. None was forthcoming. I guess I'll flip through my patterns for the 100th time. I mean, there are so many things I'd love to sew, and, since it's the beginnning of the warm weather season, lord knows there are a million things we all need. I just can't decide!

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