Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gnomes! and some upcycled shorts.

I saw this fabric at Holland Fabric House a few weeks ago and just fell in love with it. So stinkin' cute! I immediately bought some, even though I was a little worried my daughter wouldn't like it. She's a big six year old girl now, and starting to get very picky about things being too "babyish." Thankfully, she took one look at it and fell in love herself, but who wouldn't?

As I was pondering what to sew next, I decided to pull out the Roxy pattern. I was originally planning to do it in a knit, but upon perusing my knit stash, I just wasn't getting inspired. Naturally, I turned to Flickr for inspiration, and what I found was one stunning Roxy after the other - in wovens. I kind of forgot you could do the Roxy in a woven, as I usually use knits. I used this Roxy sewalong, as I often need a little handholding when it comes to sewing wovens! It really is not that bad, but for some reason, I get heart palpitations when doing button plackets.

Here is the end result:

Pattern: Farbenmix Roxy
Embroidery: Kunterbunt

The weather got really warm there for a few days - temperatures in the 90's! Right now, it's 54 degrees out there, which is just totally depressing, but during our heat wave I got inspired to make my oldest some more shorts. I am woefully short of appropriate fabric for older boy shorts, and I was about to shelve the whole idea, when I came across the perfect thing. A pair of my husband's Banana Republic khakis, no longer worn because the bottoms had frayed so much. Perfect! Very good quality fabric and also sooooo soft from all that washing.

I used an Ottobre pattern which I would share with you except that I can't remember off hand which one it was, and am too lazy to look it up. But it's the knee patch pattern, and I've been using the same size on my son for 3 years now. It's not that he's short - he's actually extremely tall and growing like a weed - but the pattern runs so big! The size 110 fits him perfectly, even though he's 8 years old and wears a 140 in tops.

My son took one look and was like, "Um....where's the embroidery? There's nothing on these." I had hoped he'd look past the lack of embroidery due to the novelty of wearing shorts that used to be a pair of dad's pants, but evidently not.


  1. I love that Roxy. I am scared to try it in wovens also! Now I know you can hold my hand :)

  2. haha! That's awesome that he still wants his embroidery! The shorts are great! I have some of my hubby's pants waiting to be remade for my boy as well. I love the dress too, btw! It's just gorgeous! What kind of embroidery machine do you use? I've been debating getting one...

  3. Thanks Heather! I love my BabyLock Ellegante, now that I have figured out all her quirks. It was a bit of a rough road initially, because if you don't do things her way, she doesn't work at all, but now it's great.