Monday, May 2, 2011

Indulging my Euro fabric obession

Well, I suppose technically I was indulging my little "problem" a few weeks ago, when I opened up my paypal account to Holland Fabric House. Ever since my package arrived, I've been seriously drooling over these fabrics. I knew I had to sew them up - and soon -, but what to make? And which ones to use? Not having much luck in the decision making process, I just gave up and decided to use them all in one dress.

I needed a pattern that would accomodate such an undertaking, and while my beloved Vida is always good for that, I'm getting a little tired of making those, quite frankly. So, I decided to try out Onion 20023 for a change. Normally, I would not use my best fabrics on an untried pattern, but I trust Onion - they have never made me cry over wasted fabric like some other pattern companies who shall not be named. This time was no exception - the fit is perfect, the sewing couldn't be easier, and the end result is exactly what I wanted.

I added the pimpicuff embroidery (although not in cuff form, obviously) to the dress. I had made the cuff version a few months ago, so now she's got a matching accessory for her dress. Nice!

Pattern: Onion 20023
Embroidery: Huups (including the matching cuff)
Fabric: Holland Fabric House on Etsy


  1. Super gorgeous dress!

    I have to say that you make some gorgeous children too. :)