Thursday, June 2, 2011

Baby love!

There is nothing *not* to like about sewing baby clothes. They are just adorably tiny, their fabric requirements are miniscule, and most of the time, they come together so quickly and easily. Hands down, my favorite baby girl outfit is the Ottobre 5/06 skirty pants and onesie combination. I love it because it's practical AND cute and girly at the same time. It's also simple and comfy. I just wish I could have made one for my own baby girl, but alas, she was 2.5 when I started sewing and well out of the pattern size. Sigh.

But luckily I have a friend who needed a baby present, so I got to indulge in a little baby lust. My friend was interested in seeing my stash and how I put fabrics together, so I gave her a few options and let her choose - but from the comfort of my living room, rather than my garage. I think if I had shown her the bins upon bins of fabric stacked haphazardly in the garage, all of them totally overflowing with fabric, she would have been overwhelmed. I'M overwhelmed.

Here is the result - I hope she likes it.

Pattern: Ottobre 5/06
Hat Pattern: NCBE
Crocheted Flowers: Annie Design on Etsy

In other sewing related matters, Urban Threads was having a "coloring contest" - they gave away a free design and had people stitch it out colorfully. The winner will receive a UT gift certificate. I had grand plans for this contest, I really did. But somehow, I just didn't get around to starting until the contest deadline, by which time I just wanted to have it DONE and move on! So I kind of hurried through it, and the result is an applique that got stretched too hard so that the stabilizer forms a ridge on one side of the design. Oh, that is just lovely! Well, I wasn't about to do it over, so I entered it as is.

Ugh. I look at this and all I see is that ridge. Grrrr.....

Pattern: Farbenmix Gitta
Embroidery: Urban Threads

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