Friday, June 10, 2011

Baby Love Part 2

I finally got around to making the second Ottobre baby set that was on my ever-expanding "to sew" list. This one is for another friend of mine who needs a baby shower present. I love how it turned out!

My original idea for this set was to have a blue knit skirt instead of using the matching floral fabric (Baby Nay, by the way). Miracle of miracles, I even had a blue that matched perfectly. However, after staring at the 3 fabrics together for about 15 minutes, I thought it would look a little.....patriotic. Patriotism is a good thing, of course, but I didn't want this to be pigeonholed into a 4th of July outfit. So, I went with the floral skirt and striped waistband, and I think that was the right choice!

Pattern: Ottobre 5/06
Crocheted Flowers: AnnieDesign on Etsy

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