Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sewing withdrawal

I haven't sewn since last Wednesday. It is now Tuesday. The last time I had such a long sewing break, I had just had a baby. I certainly don't have that excuse at the moment! But the last week or so has been particularly action-packed. First, we took a little trip to Monterey, which was absolutely lovely. The weather forecast had called for rain the entire time, but it was perfect: sunny skies and warm breezes.

When we got home, I had to frantically clean up the house in preparation for my son's 8th birthday party, which I, in what can only be assumed was a fit of total insanity, decided to have at our house. We have a very small house which really was not built to accomodate 15 sugar-fueled, party-amped, 8-year-old boys running amok through it. The party was a great success, although I had to collapse in a heap afterward (as did the over-stimulated birthday boy).

And to top everything off, I've been sick. I'm sorry, but mothers just cannot get sick. Especially mothers who run a business out of their homes.

But anyway, everything is slowly going back to normal now, so I think I can begin to conentrate on sewing matters again.

First up are a pair of very cute little short sleeved embroidered Antonias that I need to finish today (one for my daughter, one for Cobblestone Park, as usual). I made one for my niece last week before our trip, but I didn't get a great picture of it, unfortunately. They are extremely colorful and will feature embroidery from Huups. Then, I received some lovely colors of cotton lycra last week that I need to put up on Bamblue Fabrics.

And finally, I got an enormous load of inspiration last week, in the form of a few (*cough, cough*) new Farbenmix patterns.

These will keep me busy all summer, I think!

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