Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sewing Slump

I have barely sewn in the last few weeks. I admit, I've hit a rough patch, sewing-wise. It started with the items I made for the school auction. I don't want to sound like a whiner and complainer, because the auction was fantastic and raised an enormous amount of money for the school. But my items....well, they didn't do so well. One of them, the boy's shirts, did not sell at all - so mortifying! Nobody wanted them? Oh my lord.

If I had lots of sales over at Cobblestone Park, I would be ok with all of this. But, sales so far have been very, very slow. Practically non-existant, really. So I had to ask myself: what am I doing this for? I was killing myself, trying to sew every minute I had free, just so I could put as many things up on Cobblestone Park as pysically possible. The general consensus of Etsy is that you have to have a new listing everyday if you want to be really successful. I just couldn't keep up.

Things had to change. My initial thought was to deactivate Cobblestone Park and just focus on the fabric business, which is doing well. I may do that at some point, but for the time being, I"ll just leave all the listings up. If they sell, they sell; if not, well, I'll be set for birthday presents and baby showers for awhile!

So, I've gradually started sewing again. I made these two Gittas for my daughter. I tried to do another pirate girl shirt for Cobblestone Park, but my serger made a mess of one of the sleeves (after I had finished everything - the embroidery, the neckline, everything) and it was not salvageable. I did remove the embroidery, which I will use for something else, but that was pretty painful, on top of everything else!

Pattern: Farbenmix Gitta
Embroidery: Huups

I also managed to sew up a dress for a friend of mine, who needed a birthday present for a fairy-loving 3 year old girl. My friend wanted the little girl's name on it somewhere, since her mom probably has a hard time finding things with her particular name!


So that's it. All the sewing I've done in three weeks! Well, that's not really true: I also made a Darth Vader shirt for my friend's son, similar to this one, and I made myself a much-needed, long put off, long sleeved black v-neck shirt. Such a wardrobe essential, and I didn't have one! I used my tried and true Jalie pattern, and I love it. I'm wearing it right now. Oh, and of course I also made the winning bidder of the Vida auction her dress. It almost killed me to do it, since it went for so little ($75!  The fabric alone cost $40!), but the winner is such a sweet person and was SO ecstatic about the dress that I got over it.

In other news.....I have very, very yummy stuff coming in for Bamblue Fabrics next week. 10 more colors of bamboo jersey!! Plus five more colors of bamboo french terry! How's that for good news? I'm also getting samples of some rayon jersey and ITY prints - I'm crossing my fingers that these are nice! I would love to get some more prints in stock. Anyway, watch for those coming to Bamblue Fabrics next week!


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry! :( I know how you're feeling though--I couldn't keep up either. Maybe just sew them when you get really inspired and sell them to us on SM? I was hoping you would make one of those dresses!! (the one that I'm guessing Leah get)


  2. Well, sewing slump or not - you are still making beautiful things! I agree with Katie - maybe sell on SM? It is still early for your store on etsy. Hmm, what if you combined the 2? It would be easier to have frequent listings that way...

  3. Thanks Katie - that's not a bad idea, to just sell on SM's. That would certainly take the pressure off, anyway. Maybe I'll try it with a few items. The dress actually went to a mom from my dd's kindergarten class. If I make more, I'll let you know!

    And Tracy, you are so sweet! I'm still pondering how best to continue. Decisions, decisions...