Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Adelinde Apron-Skirt

I tried this pattern for the first time yesterday. My, this is a cute little pattern, no? It is from Jolijou, but available for download on the Farbenmix site. As an added bonus, there is an English version. Hurray! No need for Google Translate to tell me that "If the document are located inside later, he is on the side finished with the scallops and put his right side of the fabric on the right side of the fabric of the tunic." (If you are curious, that is one of the instructions for the "Sammy" pattern. Good luck figuring that out.)

The pattern itself is easy enough, although I decided to make it vastly more complicated by adding the ruffles. I was totally committed to the ruffles, though, after seeing a version of this skirt on flickr that totally captivated me. And now, maddeningly, I cannot find that picture! Argh!

Anyhow, there were lots of ruffles, so I wanted lots of ruffles. The problem is, I always underestimate how much fabric I need to do ruffles. I had about 3/4 yard left of the gingham after cutting out the skirt panels, which I figured was plenty. Wrong. I had to keep piecing together scraps, thinking, surely this time I'll have enough! There was much switching my serger back and forth between rolled hem and serging - we all know how fun that is! Well, I just barely had enough, and it's not perfect, but I don't think anybody is going to look at the back of this skirt and say, "Well, it's pretty cute, but if only you had made your ruffles a little bit longer!"

I'll be making one of these for Cobblestone Park, eventually, but of course I'll be using a different gingham as all I have left of this one are some tiny scraps.

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  1. I just really think this is beautiful! Thanks for sharing this...I think? Now I own the pattern :p
    Tera (mommytomaddyharley)