Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Exciting shop news!

Well, exciting to me anyway. Yesterday, I actually purchased some inventory for Bamblue Fabrics! Hurray! I find it quite amusing that I had to place the order while I was sitting in my car, parked in the driveway while Skoober napped, samples spread all around me. Ah, modern technology.

It's a pretty small order, relatively speaking, but I have to start somewhere, right? What did I buy? Bamboo jersey, of course!  In seven wonderful colors. This stuff is so soft, and it drapes marvelously. Now the trick is to convince myself that I actually need to sell it rather than hoarde it all for myself!

I'm placing another order today for some bamboo french terry. This stuff is just amazing - so incredibly soft, and it comes in the most beautiful, bright, vibrant colors. I cannot WAIT to use some of this stuff for myself. Oh, wait - I have to sell the french terry, too. Sigh.

In other enterprising news, I am very seriously considering selling children's clothing as well as the fabric. I love to make Euro style clothing, and every single time one of my kids steps out wearing such a thing, I'm asked if I sell my creations. I'm getting a little tired of saying no! So, today while the kids are in school, my job is to investigate things like clothing labels and size tags. And opening up another Etsy store. And coming up with another name. So much to do!

The final piece of good news for today is that I finished up the school auction donations this weekend. The last set is an Ottobre 5/06 onesie with skirty pants and hat. I just love the colors on this one. But while making it, I did experience some rather deep pangs of regret that I did not start sewing until my daughter was 2.5. I would have loved to make these itty bitty mama-made onesies and hats for her!

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