Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cutting into adored fabric

I have an extremely bad habit of hopelessly messing up sewing projects using fabric that I adore and will never be able to find again. Case in point. Rather than suffer such heartbreak again, I decided that the next time I use my favorite - and rare - fabric, I will do something so easy that I cannot possibly mess it up.

I purchased this tiny piece of gorgeous lavender cotton lawn at The Fabric Outlet in San Francisco. They only had 1.5 yards left, which nearly made me cry right then and there, but I was determined to do something with it. I picked up Hot Patterns No Sweat Easy Sew Poetry in Motion Tops (HP105) not long ago, and bravely decided to use it for this fabric, even though I had not sewn this pattern before.

It all came together just fine, although I didn't have enough fabric for long sleeves, as I had originally planned. But overall, a success!

Pattern: Hot Patterns 105 (OOP, I believe)

I have been sewing a lot of Vogue patterns recently, with mixed success. From the picture on the envelope, Vogue 1027 is pretty much my perfect dress, so I had to try it! I decided to use some rayon jersey that I had originally carried in Bamblue Fabrics, but wasn't selling particularly well, so I discontinued it. (I do still have about 2 yards left, if anyone wants it!). 

The end result is ok, but not the "perfect knit dress" that I was hoping for. For one thing, the bodice does not fit me well. I'm not sure whether this is because all that fabric is pulling down the bodice, or my natural endowments just don't fill the dress out, but either way, it's an odd fit. Also, the dress ended up being way too long on my 5'7" frame - I had to hack off about 5 inches. Overall, I'm ok with the dress; I just don't LOVE it like I wanted to.
Pattern: Vogue 1027

Finally, it was picture day at the school this week. This event always sneaks up on me, so I needed something quick and easy - but still beautiful - for my daughter to wear. I chose the Pink Fig Lily Top (which is really more of a dress), because it fit the bill. I pulled out my Heather Ross Far Far Away double gauze, delighted that I would finally use this fabric before my daughter grew out of it!

This picture is not the best; my daughter was all hyped up for picture day, and simply could not stand still. This was the only shot I got of her that even remotely does the dress justice.

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  1. Your HP top, Vogue dress and your daughter's dress are stunning! Very nicely done!