Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My poor, sick serger

I had just completed two Antonias, which I will show you in a minute. All that was left was to roll the hems. My serger has been acting a little iffy in the rolled hem department lately, so I was a bit worried about what would happen. Well, my worry was entirely well-placed. My machine made a total mess of the hem. And by "mess" I really mean "it tried to eat the fabric, which then became jammed in the machine, which necessitated me using brute strength to remove it, which resulted in the fabric getting torn." That kind of mess.

Well, after spending god only knows how long embroidering these two shirts, I was not about to let my serger eat them. So, into the shop it went for a tune up.

10 days and $100 later, I got my machine back. Oh, happy day! It was so CLEAN! It has not been that clean since I took it out of the box four years ago. I happily took one of the unfinished shirts and set about rolling the hem was a total mess. My serger didn't try to eat the fabric, but it sure couldn't roll a hem to save its life. I threaded and re-threaded, changed needles, etc., etc. I even tried just a regular overlock stitch, and it couldn't manage that well either. Meanwhile, my shirts are getting totally chewed up, and the hems look appalling.

I called the shop and they said to bring it back in. ANOTHER 10 days without my serger? How will I survive? Ugh, I can't even think about it.

Anyway, I'm done with these darn shirts. The hems are ghastly - please don't look at them. But I do like the embroidery.

Pattern: Farbenmix Antonia
Unicorn embroidery:
Fairy embroidery: Kunterbunt

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