Monday, July 4, 2011

Double dose of Whitney

There are certain patterns that I am almost embarassed to admit purchasing. Not because they aren't wonderful patterns, but because they are soooo simple. Did I *really* need to purchase the Whitney? No, probably not. I know for a fact I have another racer back pattern, because I remember modifiying it to be a dress. But to be perfectly honest, I like having a ready-made pattern that I don't have to modify, especially if it is one that I am going to use over and over again, like this one. Saves me from having to sort through all my hundreds of patterns to figure out where I put my modification - I can easily locate my Farbenmix patterns, since they take up a rather enormous section of my closet.

Anyway, here are my Whitneys. I did find the pattern to run a bit short, so I added a couple of inches to the hem. Other than that, the fit is great, and this is a terrific summer dress pattern!

Embroidery: Urban Threads
Crochet Flowers: Annie Design on Etsy


  1. That is an adorable dress pattern! And your dresses are super cute, too.

  2. Thanks Kathy! I recommend that pattern!

  3. They are very cute! I JUST bought this pattern and received it last week some time. What did you use for the neck and sleeves? And on the top dress is that a ruffle added at the bottom or is the dress double layered? Beautiful work!

  4. Thank you so much! For the neck and sleeves, I used purple rib knit strips that I bound to the dress using the binder attachment on my coverstitch machine (but you can get a similar result just by doing the binding on a regular sewing machine). I also added the little flounce at the bottom using the same rib knit. Technically, it isn't a flounce at all: I just used the last couple of inches of the pattern to cut that purple part, then rolled the hem on my serger and stitched it about 2 inches from the bottom of the dress.