Saturday, January 21, 2012

Finally! Some time to sew

I found myself in a wonderful, yet entirely too rare situation yesterday: I actually had time to sew. It was marvelous. I had anticipated this event and cut out a few things the night before. I dropped my kids off at school and then luxuriated in the fact that I had THREE WHOLE HOURS of uninterrupted sewing time. Bliss!

Here is what I accomplished.

First, an Onion 2017 done in some of the new J Crew rayon jersey that I just listed on Bamblue Fabrics. The pictures are really not doing this justice. I love this dress, and the pattern is fanatastic. It's hard to see all the details, but it has gathering near the shoulder seams, pleats at the front waist, cuffed sleeves and it ties at the back. I made a short sleeved version of this a long time ago, which you can see here.

Pattern: Onion 2017
Fabric: Purple Floral Stripe Rayon Jersey from Bamblue Fabrics

My next project was a Jalie 2804 in some J Crew ITY fabric that I also listed recently. I was a little torn about stocking ITY, as there is just so much of it to choose from - where to begin? But it is relatively inexpensive, and the variety of prints is endless. I will probably be stocking much more of this type of fabric in the future.

Anyway, here is the top I made with the lace damask ITY. I just love this top! I'm wearing it right now, in fact. The fabric itself is very smooth and buttery; really quite a tactile fabric, even though it is polyester.
Pattern: Jalie 2804
Fabric: Black and Silver Lace Damask ITY from Bamblue Fabrics

Finally, I also made this upcycled Lego shirt for my oldest. I love the color of those stripes! I got that fabric from usvisalaw on eBay. They have the best selection of stripes. It's a bit rumpled because I laid it out on the couch prior to taking pictures ....I got delayed....and then came back to find people had been sitting on it. Sigh.

Pattern: Ottobre 4/08

I was thrilled to have completed THREE sewing projects while my son was at preschool. It felt so....decadent, almost as if I was lying around in bed all day eating choclate ice cream. But the problem with sewing is that I just always find myself wanting more and more time. It truly is a terrible addiction. This morning I carved out some more time and made myself another dress. This is Simplicity 3503, which gets rave reviews from everybody, but I had not yet attempted it - it's been sitting in my pattern stash for about 2 years. I thought it would be perfect for the patchwork rayon jersey that I listed the other day.

The facing was sort of a PITA, but otherwise, I really love the pattern and the dress. I also think it was a good choice for this fabric, which is definitely on the busy side.

Pattern: Simplicity 3503
Fabric: Patchwork Print Rayon Knit from Bamblue Fabrics

I've got another couple weeks before my workload skyrockets again, but until then, I am going to enjoy becoming reaquainted with my machines!

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  1. Nice projects... my G'son #1 would esp. like the Legos redo. Isn't it wonderful to get a few hours to just sew???